Demolition Machines

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Precision and Productivity: KOBELCO's multi-dismantling machines perform efficient dismantling and precise separation

Since the first vehicle dismantling machine was developed in 1979, KOBELCO has delivered more than 1,000 of these metal dismantling machines to the market. Technical advances all start from customer feedback, and in this, contributed to the growth of the metal recycling industry. The requirements are to take apart vehicle bodies, engines, and other metal components. The equipment must be safe, efficient and comfortable to handle. The tiniest parts and smallest quantities of metals must be separated for recycling, and precision sorting is essential to get high-purity recycled metals. To meet customers╩╝ needs our equipment has seen constant upgrades. We have now launched new multi-dismantling machines that represents a groundbreaking evolution with their increased productivity due to savings on fuel. Machines destined to be a major player in boosting metals recycling in the US