Kobelco ED 160-5 Blade Runner

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Low Noise and Easy Maintenance Mean Greater Value Than Ever
A New Design Approach Leads to a Revolutionary Double Offset Duct Structure
By reviewing the iNDr configuration, Kobelco achieved both great visibility and a compelling design even though the engine compartment has been enlarged to meet TIER IV Final standards, maintaining the value of iNDr.

Unbeatable Cost Performance
Greater Work Capacity: Exceeding Expectations in Productivity

Improved Fuel Efficiency Contributes to High Performance

Superior digging volume
This excavator offers dynamic digging force even as it minimizes fuel consumption rates, achieving class-leading work volume. H-mode with an increased torque setting delivers about 5.2% greater digging volume.

Cab Design That Puts the Operator First
Wide and open, the cab’s interior overflows with features that streamline operation.

Comprehensive Safety And Intuitive Operation
User-friendly design and enhanced safety means greater efficiency and productivity.

Proper Maintenance Ensures Peak Effiiciency
Kobelco machines are designed for quick, simple inspection and maintenance.

Quality that Keeps on Shining. Valuable Assets Take Your Business to the Next Level.
Structural strength and proven reliability mean these machines can deal with heavy work loads and perform in rigorous site environments. From the life cycle viewpoint,these machines maintain their value throughout their service lives.


Model Name ED160 Blade Runner
Machine Type ED160-5 Blade Runner
Operating Weight lbs {kg} 36,200{16,400}
Engine Model ISUZU  AR-4JJ1XASK-02
Type  Water cooled, 4-cycle, 3-cylinder, direct injection, diesel engine 
Rated power output 95.6 hp (71.3 kW)/2,000 rpm 
105.3 hp (78.5 kW)/2,000 rpm 
Fuel tank 50.2 US gal (190 L)
Swing System Swing Speed 11.0 rpm (11.0 min-1)
Travel System Travel motors 2 × Axial piston , two speed motors
Travel shoes 40 each side
Travel speed 3.0/1.5 mph (4.8/2.4 km/h)
Drawbar pulling force 44,100 lbf (196 kN) (SAE J 1309)
Gradeability 70% {35°}
Hydraulic System Pump Type Two variable displacement pumps + 2 gear pump
Max.discharge flow 2 x 34.3 gpm {30 L/min}, 
1 x 5.3 gpm {20 L/min},
1 x 14.5 gpm {55 L/min}
Hydraulic oil tank 21.0 US gal (79.3 L) tank oil level
44.4 US gal (168.0 L) hydraulic system